Service That Has Endured for Over 45 Years

BGE has been providing top notch service without the b.s. longer than the kids at those big box stores have been alive. We have been in business long enough to know what works and what doesn't, and if we wouldn't do it for ourselves, we won't do it for you, PERIOD. If there's something we don’t do, we will assist. If you have a need which BGE can't fill, we have partnered up with dozens of reliable providers we work with on a regular basis. Our goal is to be a "one call" solution to all your technology needs.

We repair computer hardware and provide upgrades. We are fully aware that hardware prices are low, but do not assume that your hardware is not repairable or upgradable. Unlike many places, we will be honest with you.. if your hardware is not worth repairing or upgrading... we will tell you so and offer cost effective solutions.

We destroy viruses and malware and teach you how to stop them from coming back as well as provide you cost effective products to defend your computer. This is of course not an exclusive service, but we pride ourselves of doing a better job than our competition

We repair most brands of laser printers. If you have a problem with any laser printer, please contact us before disposing of it. On the other hand, all of todays "inkjet" printers are disposable and total cash drains when it comes to cost of ink. If you are using an "inkjet" printer, call us for information regarding how much you would save

Computers slow down over time without the proper maintenance. BGE will do the maintenance that will give your machine a new breath of life.

Software updating and installation can be intimidating, confusing and can even expose you to viruses and malware and additional add-on software you don't want or need. At BGE, we are experts in software updates and installation and will make sure your new software is installed and performing the way it should.

We offer network cabling for your place of business or your home. If you are planning a move or a remodel, we can look at your plans and help you wire your business or home for todays and future connection needs.

WE are able (with your permission) to connect to your PC from our office for the purpose of assisting you with questions you may have or even training you how to do the things you would like to do with your computer.

Ask us about our competitively priced web hosting. With services for starter sites all the way up to large enterprises, we've got you covered.  If you need a starter website, we can create one to get your business established on the web.


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Services Local to Northeast, Ohio, U.S.A.
Products Shipped to Continental U.S.A.

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